Meet Lizzie Plank-Watson – In-house Designer

Our kitchens always start with design and having the best team in the business is fundamental to our success. So we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce you to one of Project Kitchen’s longest standing members of staff Lizzie Plank-Watson.

“Projects are prioritised according to deadline and the amount of work involved” comments Lizzie. “We are briefed by the sales team, so we are first in the chain of work in the office. The estimating team rely on our plans to produce a quote, so it is important that we get them across in plenty of time for them to do their work.

“I love my job because every day is so different. I could be making lots of small amendments, like changing an oven from a tall housing, to a built under, or adding a microwave. Other days we could be starting from scratch on a complex and large development project, or I could be creating a set of visuals for our clients’ marketing brochures, making sure the lighting and textures are just right.

“This afternoon I am drawing up plans for a whole site. Up to now we have designed the concept on three plots. The customer likes what we have done and we need to take the concept though the rest of the scheme now. My favourite sort of job!

“Making a concept that works well in one plot fit into a smaller plot, or one with the window in a different place, without compromising the function or look of the kitchen can be a challenge, but it’s one that I enjoy.

“Designing contract kitchens is a world away from retail kitchens, partly because we are not designing for one specific end user. We need to create a high quality design that works right across a development, meets our client’s high expectations and has broad appeal for a range of potential purchasers.”

Lizzie has been designing kitchens with us for over 15 years and has a detailed understanding of SieMatic’s three concepts – Urban, Classic and Pure. She recently attended an advanced Academy training programme at the SieMatic Academy in Germany, to top up her knowledge and keep abreast of current trends and design concepts.

Every development, particularly where historical buildings with original period features are involved, is always something of a moving feast. Lizzie manages to balance sometimes limited information on for example architraves, tight corners and the exact location of pipe stacks, with getting the most out of the space and yet designing to a high tolerance for any last minute tweaks on site. Everything she and all our designers produce ensures that our kitchens can be fitted first time, without any compromise on quality. 

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