Leinster Square, London

Alchemi Group

Number of plots: 11
Location: Leinster Square, London

Restoring Victorian Terraces to Former Glory

Alchemi Group was presented with a remarkable opportunity to restore six Grade II listed Victorian stucco fronted terraces to their former glory. This exceptional project not only resulted in the revitalisation of these historic buildings but also earned recognition for our kitchen design from the prestigious International Design & Architecture Awards.

Working in close collaboration, Alchemi Group engaged the expertise of the interior design team at Studio L, London, along with architects TateHindle and English Heritage, to ensure a thorough and sensitive restoration process. As part of this transformation, Project Kitchens played a pivotal role in creating stunning kitchen spaces that seamlessly blended contemporary design with the terraces’ historical charm.

Our diligent efforts, in partnership with Alchemi Group and the project team, resulted in magnificent SieMatic kitchens that harmoniously complemented the restored Victorian terraces. The attention to detail, innovative design, and careful consideration of the heritage elements led to a shortlisting in the International Design & Architecture Awards. This accolade is a testament to the seamless integration of luxury and functionality achieved through the collaboration.


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