Project Sustainability

We take sustainability seriously. We are a carbon neutral business, committed to measuring and reducing our emissions each year. We are taking steps to make a difference to climate change and saving our planet.

A great example of our dedication to sustainability is our partnership with Keller. As a truly carbon neutral kitchen manufacturer, Keller stands as a shining example of how to be sustainable in the industry. In fact, they are on track to become the world’s first carbon negative kitchen manufacturer. We proudly collaborate with Keller, working alongside them to improve our systems and elevate our sustainable status year after year.

We understand the significance of such partnerships in driving positive change. By joining forces with environmentally responsible brands like Keller, we can collectively make a lasting impact on the planet. Together, we strive to push boundaries, continuously improving our sustainability practices, and setting new benchmarks for the industry.

From our vigilantly monitored supply chain to our thoughtfully curated product range, we ensure that every aspect of your kitchen project embodies our commitment to sustainability. Our aim is to offer you not only exceptional design and functionality but also the confidence that your choices contribute to a greener world.

Associated Accreditations

Keller turn waste timber into energy, return and recycle kitchen cabinets. They have 8,000 solar panels on the manufacturing plant roof and have energy-efficient LED lighting installed across all premises. Its Dutch transport fleet is 100% sustainable and is fully electric, these are just some of the steps Keller has taken to become a truly sustainable business.

Project Kitchens offer a vast array of complimentary products to complete the kitchen to ensure your specification can be sustainable, beautiful and on budget.

“Our team can help make your project more sustainable”